Please read this instructions very carefully before proceeding for e-KYC and e-Sign:

Use latest MICROSOFT EDGE browser for this Module

e-KYC :

1.  For e-KYC, the zipped Aadhaar file downloaded from UIDAI website, for both, the CUSTOMER and AGENT (whose agency code will be used in Proposal) should be kept    ready.

2.  Click here to download zipped Aadhaar File: Click here

3.  Agent should upload his own zipped Aadhaar file (for AGENT eKYC), containing his/her personal details.

4.  For Customer e-KYC, the zipped Aadhaar file of the customer is to be uploaded.

5.  For AGENT, e-KYC is to be done only once, at the time of first login . Click here

6.  For CUSTOMER, e-KYC is to be done for each proposal.

e-Sign :

1.  For doing e-Sign of Proposal Form, the Customer's Aadhaar VID is needed.

2.  For doing e-Sign of ACR, the Agent's Aadhaar VID is needed.

3.  To generate Aadhar VID, use this link : Click here

Kindly tick the mobile declaration